Daniel Mulock Houwer

My desire to give life its full space continues to grow within me. Increasingly, I dare to let  go and surrender. Following my curiosity and embracing the unknown. Love and truth are my beacons. The commitment to my awakening process seems to deepen itself as I go.


I never suspected that following my own path could coincide with serving others so directly. Assisting others in their awakening process happens naturally. Each time I am admitted into this process, I consider it a privilege. I love to explore and pioneer, especially in the field of consciousness. It’s a blessing to have Wendy at my side for this. Realize Us is our way and form to deliver our contribution in this area.


After an international youth and my student years in Groningen, I settled in Amsterdam. I have been living there very happily ever since with my wife Mariela and daughters Noa and Tess.

Wendy van Leusen

My heart’s desire is to fully enjoy life. I am very happy being in nature, preferably in the woods and near the sea. I enjoy and feel so connected to space when I walk along the beach. I prefer to walk barefoot so I can feel the infinity of the sea that resonates for me with what is always there, what is always connected, where there is no beginning and end and is always still. I am amazed at what life gives me, and I see it as an invitation to continually discover what the next step on my path is.
I love to sing and dance, both alone and with my daughter Wende of 8 years old. I live in Haarlem, near the sea, with Wouter and Wende.


I want to bring heaven on earth by being fully present in the midst of it and show myself and make myself heard, however exciting that sometimes may feel.


In Realize Us everything comes together. I go from I to We by joining forces with Daan and offering our strengths and differences to the world. What a joy!

Our commitment

Humanity seems to be at a tipping point in its conscious evolution. We see realizing one’s true nature as the way forward. It opens the door for what we call Awakened Leadership. A form of leadership that is authentic, sustainable and in harmony with life. We dedicate ourselves to the further awakening of mankind. Supporting ourselves and others in that process is, for us, the most effective way to contribute. We are in service to all who feel called to live consciously and want to contribute to an awakening world.

I come to You without me. Come to Me without you ~ Rumi