realizing your true nature
An inward journey into awareness

Front view

Side view

In your true nature?
Awakened consciousness
All is one, non-dual and Infinite
The absolute: that what’s always (t)here, untouched, always free
Seat of consciousness merged into absolute awareness
beyond form and time
Awareness = universal and infinite
Everything is in ‘me’
Life = Love = Truth
You = Me = We

In presence?
I am. A sense of being. Awareness of the apparent person/individual
Less personal. Consciousness is shifting between presence and person
Greater sense of connectedness and aliveness
Focus shifting from me to we
Perception = (more) neutral
Everything is consciousness
Consciousness is aware of itself
More bandwidth available

In the person?

 I am a person. Sense of being a separate individual
Life and love are mostly experienced as conditional and personal
Focus on me (the person)
Perception = personal
Me and the others
Contracted and limited form of consciousness


realizing one’s true nature
opens the door to awakened leadership

Authentic, sustainable and in harmony with life

At some point in a person’s development comes the realization that it is not about perfection, but

about becoming whole. One starts to realize that everything revolves around consciousness. Often the beginning of a more fruitful inner orientation with infinite potential. Living from within.

What we are looking for is what is looking ~ St. Francis of Assisi