Realizing your true nature
An inward journey into awareness

Front view

Side view

In your true nature?
Awakened consciousness. All is one, non-dual and Infinite.

The absolute: that what’s always (t)here, untouched and always already free. 
Seat of consciousness merged into absolute awareness
(beyond form and time).

Awareness = universal and infinite.
Everything is in me (0).
Life = Love = Truth
You = Me = We

In the Witness?
I am. A sense of being. Awareness of the apparent person/individual.

Less personal. Witness is oscillating between presence and person.
Greater sense of connectedness
and aliveness.

Focus shifting from me to we.
Perception = (more) neutral
Everything is consciousness (1).
Consciousness is aware of itself. More bandwidth available.

In the person?

I am a person. Sense of being a separate individual.

Life and love are mostly experienced as conditional, personal and volatile.
Focus on me (the person).
Perception = personal
Me and the others (2).
Contracted and limited form of consciousness.

Realizing one’s true nature opens the door for

Awakened Leadership

Authentic, sustainable and in harmony with life

What we are looking for is what is looking ~ St. Francis of Assisi