Several times a year, we offer open registration programs which are based on our own inspiration. All our programs are dedicated to realizing your true nature. There are various possibilities to refresh and deepen your connection to source.


We guide people in their personal development and on their own path. People who are ready to go into the depths of themselves. We do what is necessary. Where appropriate, our role is more that of a guide than of a coach.

Inner work

In some cases, your development may require a customized approach. For example, it may be important to break through something persistent and/or bring it to the light. Together with you we create the space that is needed for that which wants to unfold.


These times call for inspired communities and organizations. Where you may start from a place of inspiration, how do you keep and sustain that inspiration? We would love, for example, to co-create a living source for your community.


From me to we. We offer a platform to people who want to contribute and with whom we feel connected.


Join the growing movement of light warriors, change makers and catalysts that follow their calling.

Truth is not something outside to be discovered,
it’s something inside to be realised  ~



In the dark days leading to the winter solstice and the shortest day of the year we invite you to join us in turning inward. To withdraw in stillness. To immerse yourself in your true nature. To regenerate. Exploring together. Getting to know yourself intimately. A program for light warriors and change makers who are called to deepen their connection with source and want to expand their ability to serve. Dates: 18 up to and including 21 December 2019.


From me to we. For those who feel compelled to make that transition. Who want to unlock their full potential and make themselves available to give back. For those who want to discover what life wants from them.

A rite of passage in nature at a beautiful location in the Algarve to unleash that within yourself and find form for the contribution one wants to make.


Dates: 19 to 24 may 2019.

Falling in love with your true self ~ Bentinho Massaro

Inner work


Everything in us wants to be recognised, felt and lived through. Sometimes there are parts that are difficult to see and bring to the light on your own. Together with you we create and hold the space to be able to stay present with it. It’s a specific process designated to breakthrough something persistent and let life flow again.


Sometimes transitions in life call for a rite of passage. A powerful ritual that helps you transition from one phase to the next.

It can take the form of self-initiation, unlocking your authority within, helping you to live life inside out. Together we create the right ritual.

You cannot be fixed, you were never broken ~ Jeff Foster