Twice a year, we offer open registration programs which are based on our own inspiration. These programs are dedicated to realizing your true nature.


Concrete opportunities to refresh and deepen the connection to source.


We guide people in their personal development and on their own path. People who are ready to go into the depths of themselves. We do what is necessary.

Where appropriate, our role is more that of a guide than of a coach.

Inner work

At some point your development may require an in-depth transformation. Some parts are difficult to see and bring into awareness on our own.

A tailormade process to overcome specific obstacles in evolving from person to presence.


We want our contribution to an awakenening world to be as effective as possible. Joining forces with organisations that are on a similar mission is one of our favourite ways to do so. We especially welcome cooperation with parties who do this for the greater good.

Love is the bridge between you and everything   ~ Rumi


June 20 – 24,  2023

Rite of passage

Taking your place in the circle of life. From me to we. For those who feel compelled to make that transition. Who want to unlock their full potential and make themselves available to give back. For those who want to discover what life wants from them. A process of (self)initiation in nature at a beautiful location on the Utrechtse heuvelrug to unleash that within yourself and find form for the contribution one wants to make.

December 18 – 21, 2023


In the dark days leading to the winter solstice and the shortest day of the year we invite you to join us in turning inward. To withdraw in stillness. To immerse yourself in your true nature. To regenerate. Exploring together. Getting to know yourself intimately. A program for light warriors and change makers who are called to deepen their connection with source and want to expand their ability to serve.

” A deep and sacred journey. Who am I, if I let go of my body, my thoughts, my feelings and my longings, pure naked? I found ME, waves of fluid gold, untainted awareness. Transcending my tendency to close, I relaxed and released, my heart wide open, connected with all the other hearts, beating in complete synchrony, merged in our ardent wish to bring light into the world. It was big, profound, and magical. I’m deeply grateful.” – Saskia –

” In the Awakening Me within me retreat I experienced a deep relaxation, that allowed me to intimately connect to all parts of myself, the Source, and all the support around me. My mission became clearer, simpler and more alive, and I felt a sense of peace and togetherness to continue my journey. The facilitation by Daan and Wendy was profound in its simplicity and depth of their holding space. They role modeled an abundance of Being Alive.” – Gabrielle –

Truth is not something outside to be discovered, it’s something inside to be realised   ~ Osho

Inner work

An effective way to create a breakthrough in your development

Inner Work is designated to help you overcome ‘stumbling blocks’ in your development. In a tailor-made process you are immersed in awareness helping you to break through persistent patterns and create more space and flow. The immersion is facilitated two-on-one in a supportive environment, mostly in nature. Making use of transformational tools like process work, systemic work and possibly rituals.

A tailor-made process

  • The input during the intake is used to design a tailor-made process to support leaders in their inner and outer work
  • Immersion is also offered as a stand-alone intervention. Coaching is optional
  • Where needed the (integration) process and/or preparation can be supported through coaching

Examples where Inner work was applied to support and/or prepare leaders

Being of service

Starting point:

  • Leader is one of the candidates for a senior leadership position
  • He wants to assess if that is what he truly wants; and for the right reasons?
  • He intuitively senses there is something needed in his development to be able to serve in a new role and remain balanced and authentic


  • Intake (walk in nature)
  • 24-hrs immersion (following his inner knowing)


  • Fully committed to enter the selection process, yet unattached to the outcome
  • Besides his manifesting and visionary qualities he further unlocked his ability to penetrate truth
  • Centered, with more depth and inner peace

“The process is still unfolding in me. You are true alchemists, intuitive and complementary. Thank you”

Unlocking the next level of leadership

Starting point:

  • Leader wants to extend the scope and impact of his leadership
  • He wants to develop his ability to let water flow more easily from his back
  • Grow his ability to deal with failure, become more patient and allow things to take their course

Process (in total 13 hours; online in the course of 5 months):

  • Intake
  • 4 Immersion sessions
  • Integration


  • Reconnected to his inner child’s voice, helping him to find safety within and increase his scope
  • Enabling him to operate from a more neutral place while remaining authentic
  • More inner peace and calmness despite having taken up more responsibility

Wendy & Daan helped me delve deep within to create something congruent with my deepest beliefs, and yet newer and calmer. A joyful experience ! This is exactly what I needed.

Mature Leadership

Starting point:

  • Leader received feedback that she made herself bigger than she was (which she did not recognize at that time)
  • Leader was in a process of getting clear on next step in her career


  • Intake
  • Coaching sessions (revealed deeper issue at hand)
  • 3-hrs Immersion (healing process around need for recognition)
  • Coaching sessions (supporting integration in work)


  • Taking her place as a leader
  • Grown in maturity and authenticity
  • Fulfilling her dream of being a female role model

“To grow as a mother, human being and leader it was important for me to dare to speak out my vulnerability and inner voice. Wendy and Daan created a safe setting for me to do exactly that. The process helped me grow. It feels safe and warm to develop yourself supported by two true professionals.””


Starting point:

  • Leader was in a process of finalizing an intense transformation within the organisation that she was leading
  • Leader wanted to recalibrate and regain trust in herself and in life


  • Intake
  • 3-hrs Immersion (re-finding my center)


  • Increased ability to balance the service to others versus self
  • More confident to be able to keep balance in demanding situations
  • Operating with more detachment and neutrality

“During this process of immersion, some clear answers and sense of direction unfolded. The symbol that arose helps me on a daily basis to balance the drive for results with the soft undercurrent of the organization. Tn addition, it also helps me in balancing my constant drive and engagement to deliver excellence at work while being present and happy in other key areas of my life. A great process, outcome and facilitation by Daan and Wendy. I wish that every professional would get the opportunity to recalibrate every 5 years of their professional life!”

If you want to find out if Inner work is for you or one of your colleagues, please reach out to us.
You cannot be fixed, you were never broken ~ Jeff Foster


Co-creation can take many forms

Here are some examples of collaboration forms we like to forge.

contributing to a deepening process

The Foundation for Natural Leadership (FNL) is going through a deepening process. We contributed by bringing in a leadership development programme that we developed earlier with Frits Philips Jr. & Partners (FPNP). We also trained their facilitators to enable them to lead the programme. Together with and for the FNL and the Wilderness Leadership School we are developing and implementing a new transformative programme including a 24-hours solo in the African wilderness.

preparing leaders of tomorrow

We are involved in the development of a new leadership program. The program prepares a new generation of leaders for their demanding role. In this process we support the initiator of this initiative in his process and help design. The intention is that we will provide the personal transformation module (Inner work) within the program.

structurally developing leadership

Organisations that structurally work on the development of its leaders are a natural partner for us. Besides providing deep Inner Work for its leaders, we like to explore together what can be done to embed Inner work in structural way, for example by making it more scalable.


If you see leads for cooperation on this basis, we would love to get in touch with you.
If you want to go fast go alone. If you want to go far go together ~ African proverb