Connected and ready to serve


Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom
Kasper Pruijsen

Kasper Pruijsen


Returning home to your essence
By reconnecting you to the wisdom of your body and the whispers of nature.
Francis Luz

Francis Luz


My purpose is to awake me and develop the courage to help others with my playful energy, creativity and compassion.
Kay Timmers

Kay Timmers


Give insight by mainly listening and poging a question here and there.
Pim Bedet

Pim Bedet


Be of service to the love for myself to allow being of service to awaken love for and in others.
Brechje van Geenen

Brechje van Geenen


Unleashing the power in people - for more meaning, light and direction.
Bianca Bax

Bianca Bax


I am here to open the hearts of leaders, so they can lead from their heart.
Elise ten Hoor

Elise ten Hoor


With my touch and reiki I help people come down to earth and regain their love for life.
Sophie Eenhoorn

Sophie Eenhoorn


My mission is to ignite inner power and passion for transformation.
Stefanie van Orsouw

Stefanie van Orsouw


If you really want to LIVE, go off road!
Ivo Brautigam

Ivo Brautigam


Be who you are.

Rob van de Langenberg

Rob van de Langenberg


I strive for a world where everyone is allowed to be their true-selves, I’ll show you the way with Love in my hands.
Wendelien Zeven

Wendelien Zeven


Be in my power and help all the people around children to step into their power to create better futures.
Marjo van Ballegoijen de Jong - Paauw

Marjo van Ballegoijen de Jong - Paauw


I’m here to help people discover and unfold their inner strengths
Joris Houben

Joris Houben


Inspiring and supporting people in building Trust.
Trust in oneself, in others and in life.
Iris van Gijzel

Iris van Gijzel


My calling is to facilitate leaders on their path to find their own
leadership within.
Bart Jan van't Hoff

Bart Jan van't Hoff


A free voice is a free soul.
Laura Drontmann

Laura Drontmann


My mission is compassionately facilitating people with deep questions in opening up to the fullest and embracing it.
Monique Noya

Monique Noya


I help great companies find exceptional leaders.
Katriina Lillelund Schøier

Katriina Lillelund Schøier


Life is a ride on the waves. I support people to find the light beneath the surface to surf the waves of life in every aspect.
Sofieke van Ginkel

Sofieke van Ginkel


Here to create a safe haven where courage and vulnerability can flourish and magic happens.
Marlies Hendriks

Marlies Hendriks


My mission is to let people shine and make the world a bit more beautiful, with more warmth and love. “Be you. The world will adjust”.
Ellen Kok

Ellen Kok


Mankind is steadily waking up to the world as she is. My wish it to translate this world into dreams worth waking up to.
Mia Wessels

Mia Wessels


It's my mission to accompany people on their journey of self-realization.
Lead yourself. Back to yourself.
Simone Kuiter

Simone Kuiter


Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you.
Odette van Son


Do we see the beauty of what we truly are? I feel called to support
humanity in awakening to this essence.
Eveline van Dusseldorp


We all have magic inside. My mission is to heal and inspire people by sharing mine✨.
Femke Manger

Femke Manger


Help conquer inner barriers and create the space to grow. Choose
from the heart things that really matter. Start living the dream!
Bert Heesakkers

Bert Heesakkers


Embrace the essence of life & love; connect & co-create to establish a harmonious world where every being is able to shine.
Floor Molkenboer


I facilitate the journey of discovery of people, teams and organisations about who they are and how they want to flourish.
Moniek Wolters


Let it be!
Nicoline Smoor


Find what sparkles you so you can light the fire within.
Riëtte Petter


Facilitating transformation of the purpose and meaning of work.
Aege Steensma


Be the best version of yourself. Nobody is perfect but a team can be.
Anne-Else Højberg


When you drop from your mind into your heart, life is clear and purposeful. Compassion is my tool.
Barbara Piper


Heal yourself. Heal the world.
Ton van der Kroon


I love to make things happen and to connect the dots between purpose, head, heart and hands.
Claire Loots


It's when power meets compassion and understanding, where great things happen.
Fleur Groeneveld


Develop the courage to be all of me so that I can inspire others to be all of them.
Pieter Ligthart


Louis Dell


I invite people to come home within themselves. To shine their light on and engage with the world from being home. We one. I one.
Bartjeroen van der Veen


Inspiring and supporting people to incite their inner fire, tap into their inner wisdom, be the light, uniting lights in truth and love.
Saskia Palmen


My mission is connecting trough open hearts & minds and rise together.

Anne Marlijn Hauserer


My mission is to invite and support collaboration based on love, truth, support and joy. Let’s make magic together.
Gabrielle Sepers

Gabrielle Sepers


I support women in remembering their true feminine nature and being a healing, powerful source in the world.
Manon Swaving – Schraa


My mission is to transform healthcare through raising doctors their self-awareness and to inspire them by being a practicing example.
Arno Bischop


I am called to live as close as possible to the source of our origin and to share this trough the sound of the gong.
Veronica Vir Schwegman


I am here to improve the human condition: going to the essence of human identity and supporting individuals to reclaim their self.
Jelena Cvjetkovic


Being love. Inviting men and women to embrace their light and their darkness with compassion.
Ella Kraakman


My mission is to empower people in healing themselves and in their own healing ability where energy is the medicine.
Els Botman


Dat mensen de verbinding met hun hart herstellen en vandaar uit eigenaarschap nemen voor hun leven
Francis van Neutegem


The only way out is in and through.
Jeroen Haverkorn van Rijsewijk


To encourage others to discover and realize their potential so that they choose to live fully and freely.
Barbara van Laere


Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, drink the wild air: deepening your connection with your essence.
Caroline Wamsteker


Ik wil bijdragen aan een eerlijke, groene, innovatieve wereld, nu en later, door duurzame vermogensbegeleiding.
Wouter van Leusen


My mission is to bring love ❤ and light ☀ to unleash the power within individuals and teams.
Suzanne Bontje - Kuus


From darkness to light. It is who I am. It is who you are. There is no other way.
Renske Hofman


Let’s live life fully! And embrace all its aspects. So we can navigate through its complexity and meet each other on this journey.
Robert Jan Steinmetz


My soul path is to inspire others to reach their higher aspiration. And to facilitate them in being themselves and living your truth.
Suzan Nengerman


Have not resistance of whatever pups up in your mind. Just Watch… and… Be playful with the unknown. Embrace,
Batul Loomans


Live your best life.
Arjen Hemelaar


To step into my own power and in so doing, help others become their best and truest selves.
Carey Bohjanen


My mission is awakening one and all to the magic that is life itself
Wendy van Leusen

Wendy van Leusen


I am called to contribute to the awakening of mankind. Self-realisation seems the most effective way to do so.
Daniel Mulock Houwer

Shine like the whole universe is yours ~ Rumi