About us

‘Love loves to love, it’s nothing personal.’ ~ Mooji

who we are

We are two experienced professionals, both with a background in business and with a holistic view. Together we have more than forty years of experience in guiding people in their personal development. We are driven by a deeply felt desire to contribute to an awakening world: a world where everyone lives from their true nature, original, sustainable and in harmony with life. We have dedicated our lives to realizing who we really are and supporting others on their path of awareness and transformation.

We like to see ourselves as pioneers in consciousness development. Realize Us is our small-scale practice for consciousness development. At Realize Us we offer tailor-made services for the higher segment. In us you will find a reliable partner in sustainable awareness development that meets the highest standards. We have a unique approach using a solid, self-developed and proven methodology. We have a premium customer base and many long-term returning customers.

We started Realize Us in 2018. Before that, we worked together for several years at MMS, where we both received our coaching training and led and facilitated the Inner Negotiation Workshop for many years. We are complementary and ‘seamless’ in jointly guiding deep transformations. Working together in developing consciousness, each from his own place, makes our lives and offerings richer, more complete, and more fun.

Daniel Mulock Houwer

Once I was a celebrated young man, a successful investment banker in the prime of his life. But inside, a part of me was not flourishing, slowly languishing. In the summer of 2000, my world collapsed. I was completely exhausted and couldn’t take it anymore.

This can’t be life, can it? What am I overlooking? In the midst of my identity crisis, it was my curiosity that kept me going. I was forced to take a time out. With the help of others, I turned myself inside out. Who am I really? What do I want? Everything had to be re-examined. It marked the beginning of an awakening process that never stopped since.

I am in a completely different place now. Understanding who I deeply am has not left me. Who am I beyond the story, beyond who I think I am? I became more and more fascinated by consciousness. I see awakening my true potential as the most effective contribution I can make. I have dedicated my life to it. I now live my purpose without being in a hurry or feeling rushed. The commitment to my awakening process continues to deepen. I never imagined that following my own path could coincide so seamlessly with helping others in their awakening process. I consider it a privilege, every time again, to be allowed in other people’s awakening processes.

Giving life all the space it needs is a growing desire in me. I dare to surrender to that more and more. Following my curiosity, towards the unknown. Love, truth and light serve as my beacons. I see life itself as my most important teacher. In addition, I mainly get my inspiration from nature, various non-dual teachings and kundalini yoga.

After an international youth and various wanderings, I settled in Amsterdam in 1995. I enjoy living there with my wife Mariela and my daughters Noa and Tess.

Wendy van Leusen

To live fully, that is my deepest desire. I see life as an invitation to unlock my true essence. To be completely myself without holding back. To feel intensely, to follow my heart and intuition and to walk my path, to enjoy life.

Shamanism is a source of inspiration for me. It reminds me of the connection with the natural world and the power and wisdom hidden within it. Also, it reminds me of the connection to our own inner wisdom, intuition and potential for healing and growth.

To bring about transformation, I move beyond words and stories, to deeper levels of consciousness, using systemic work, body work, rituals, sound, and drums.

I enjoy our workplace at the Fort bij Nigtevecht estate, an oasis in the middle of nature. I am grateful to live in beautiful Haarlem, surrounded by forests, dunes, and the sea, together with Wouter and Wende.

our values

The most important values ​​to which we have committed ourselves and which we also live by in our work are:



We approach everyone with the intention to truly see and accept them as they are. We are warm, authentic and inviting. We create a safe setting in which people can discover and explore their inner world.



We are honest, congruent and sincere. We are 'down to earth' and not afraid to confront and expose the truth where necessary. We systematically invite people to remember their true nature, embrace their human nature and thus come into integrity with who they really are.



We use our awareness, curiosity, energy, and inspiration to:
  • live life to the fullest and further unlock our true potential
  • support our clients' awakening process and our self-realization
  • In this way we contribute to an awakening world.