Vision & approach

‘What we are looking for is what is looking’ ~ St. Francis of Assisi

Our vision

Awakening is a profound process of awareness and transformation, where we realize that we are more than our superficial experiences and identifications. It is an awareness process in which we rediscover our true nature, which goes beyond our limited self-image. It leads us to a deeper understanding of ourselves, others and the interconnectedness of everything.

Our true nature refers to our universal essence, regardless of identifications. It is timeless, infinite and unchanging. Remembering our true nature requires self-examination, awareness, and letting go of limiting beliefs. By consciously making contact with deeper layers of consciousness, your true potential is unlocked.

Rediscovering our true nature is a continuous inner exploration in which we also learn to embrace our human nature. It requires self-love and self-compassion. By meeting our true nature we experience fulfillment, connection and a deeper meaning in our lives.

Awareness requires a turn inward. The extent to which we are conscious is decisive. How we view the world, how we experience life, what drives us, how we behave, it all changes as our consciousness expands.

Living from consciousness:

  • brings self-awareness, clarity and balance
  • leads to more flow, synchronicity and ease
  • expands your availability, scope and impact
  • provides connection, happiness and inner peace
  • deepens your contact with trust, making it easier for you to deal with uncertainty and not knowing
  • gives life meaning and increases your ability to contribute to a better world

A broader consciousness increases your ability to live fully and contribute in an effective, authentic and sustainable way.

Our Approach

In our work we systematically invite people to remember their true nature and come into integrity with who they really are. We create time, space and safety for clients to deepen their contact with themselves. We use different approaches, such as personal questions, guided meditations, systemic work, processes, body and/or energy work and rituals.

Our guidance is experience-oriented, personal and profound in nature. In different forms, each with its own emphasis, we offer fruitful time-outs for introspection, awareness and transformation. The intentions and (awareness) development of the client are central. In consultation we always look at what is needed. This could, for example, be a combination of coaching with inner work, or one of our other programs.

We regularly use our Awakened Leadership map in our guidance. It provides context and insight into a number of universal laws that play a role in both our human and universal nature. It provides a clear framework to start the way in, and brings it to life and makes it concrete. In addition, it enables clients to continue their awareness process independently.

Awakened leadership map

Realizing your true nature opens the door to awakened leadership

Tip: Turn the phone a quarter turn for the best view

our locations

We do our work in beautiful natural locations because they provide such supportive surroundings.

Our favorite country retreat on the Utrechtse Heuvelrug

Our permanent home on the Hilversum heath.

Welbeing nearby in the meadows close to Abcoude.

Our own fortress near Amsterdam.