Circle ‘Into the Feminine’
September 29 2024

‘We shall be know by the company we keep, by the ones who circle around to tend these fires’ MaMuse

The invitation

In our circles and retreats we offer women a warm place to remember, acknowledge and celebrate the healthy feminine energy. The power, wisdom and magic of the feminine energy, which has been forgotten in recent generations, is still present within us. Our invitation is to take full ownership of all these qualities again and anchor them in the body so that we can live from this abundant source. We slow down, expand, soften, connect and thus come into contact with deep trust. We use meditations, body work, rituals, dance, sound and we work with the 5 elements of nature.

In collaboration with Manon Swaving.

September 29 from 10:00 AM to 4:30 PM

September 29 in Studio Duinlust Overveen

For whom
Open registration, there is room for 25 women


€95 (excluding VAT and a light meal)

We also provide a multi-day retreat in the heart of summer, for more of everything that you receive a 1-day circle and the wonderful space to allow it to work through and integrate into every cell of your body.

‘For almost a week I was immersed in nature again. Feeling totally at ease and in harmony with my environment. Dancing with life. Touched by its beauty. Deeply rooted in presence. Available to serve what was needed. During my solo on the edge of a cliff the whole spectrum of life flowed through me. From the intimacy of the flies drinking from my tears to the vastness of the African plains. From feeling the pain we are inflicting on the earth to experiencing deep gratitude for the preciousness of life. From being fully awake to dozing of peacefully. Branches dancing before an unchanging background. Two birds singing one song. The sun and the moon. The roaring of lions appearing to be the roaring of my stomach. There in the womb of Africa my life offered itself back to life. Grace closed the circle and set me free. And as our guide pointed out wisely, this is only the beginning.’

With gratitude Daniel, November 2015, Marataba, South Africa

Circle ‘Into the Feminine’
September 29 2024

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