Spring awakening
March 13 2025

‘Spring is the time of plants and projects’ ~ Leo Tolstoy

The invitation

Will you come and usher in spring with us? In line with the season, pay attention to what is blossoming within you. An afternoon and evening for you to check in, pause, pay attention to what lives inside you and open yourself to what wants to take shape through you.

Because it is nice and sometimes necessary to pay attention to what lives in us in all its early stages, so that its essence can grow and come to fruition.

For whom
Anyone who feels like it and/or needs is welcome. There is room for 15 people

Thursday, March 13, 2025 from 3:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Estate Huis te Maarn, Blue Beetle, Buurtsteeg 7 in Maarn

€250 (incl. VAT)


‘No beginning and no end. Reflecting and contemplating in line with the seasons. Like a fruit tree. Earthing in the winter with focus on your roots. Grow blossoms in spring to harvest in the summer. Autumn is the time to look back on the harvest on the one hand and to look ahead and sow seeds on the other hand to ultimately blossom again in the summer. By spending just a few hours in nature with Wendy and Daan, you cannot help but connect with your authentic desires. This is how I came to realize that, inspired by my environment, I tried very hard to be an apple tree. That didn’t come to fruition. My suppressed desire to be a pear tree hindered my growth and blossoming. Now – with the seasons – I continue to grow like a pear tree. No end and no beginning.’ – Annemiek

Spring awakening
March 13 2025