Awakened Leadership journey
October 3-4 2024 – May 16 2025

‘The only journey is the one within’ ~ Rainer Maria Rilke

The invitation

The Awakened leadership program was specially created to support people who want to live from a broader consciousness. In five modules, spread over eight months, you will go on an inner journey of discovery with a maximum of eight fellow travellers. Participation in the Awakened Leadership program is an excellent opportunity to consciously give your life direction in line with who you really are.

Oct 3-4, 2024 to May 16, 2025

Huis estate in Maarn

For whom:
open registration, there is room for 8 participants



‘I have been working with Realize Us for a long time. I really appreciate the 24 hours and retreats and grow fast. I was looking for a way to further incorporate the profound peace and insights I gain in such sessions into my daily life. The Awakened Leadership Journey was a combination of immersion and space to make a growth spurt. I feel so much more connected to myself now. I stand firmer, use my intuition more easily and am less distracted by ego or patterns. I also feel much more calm.’ – Stefanie

‘I work hard, enjoy it thoroughly, and have never meditated before. The Awakened Leadership Journey took me into a new world. “Why would I need this, what can I get out of it?” I wondered. The answer to this question is different for everyone. It is your personal journey, with the group supporting you. I learn to look around me and reflect on what I do instead of living on impulses. The Awakened Leadership model helps me to position myself.’ – Joost

‘A circle of pure people, within which it feels good and safe to share. A kind of tribe feeling has arisen in me. In the Awakened Leadership Journey, I have learned to stick with it when things get difficult and to stand for who I deeply am. Feeling instead of trying to understand. The puzzle piece that I have had in my hand for a long time is now in the right place. I experience space. Delicious!’ – Brigitte


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For our multi-day programs we make a distinction between private individuals and entrepreneurs and corporate participants.

Awakened Leadership journey
October 3-4 2024 – May 16 2025