Into the heart
December 16 – 19 2024

‘Love is the bridge between you and everything’ ~ Rumi

The invitation

Realizing your true nature. In the dark days before Christmas, we invite you to retreat with us and turn inward. Stillness. Immerse yourself in your true nature. Regenerate. Meeting yourself in depth. Exploring. A program for those who feel called to deepen contact with their true nature in order to contribute more specifically and effectively.

December 16 – 19, 2024

Country estate de Hoorneboeg near Hilversum

For whom:
Open registration, there is room for 16 participants



‘Into the Heart has brought me back to my original nature. I sometimes let it become overgrown by difficulties that arise. The focus on the positive has made my power free and visible again. I could do this again every year.’ – Marijke

‘In the winter, just when you think ‘not now’, there is the Into the Heart retreat. No planning. No flipchart. Just trust, silence and humour. My heart opened wide there. I will never leave this path again.’ – Brigitte

‘In Into the Heart I experienced deep relaxation. It made it possible to connect intimately with all parts of myself, the source and all the support around me. My mission became clearer, simpler and more alive. I felt both a deep inner peace and a willingness to continue my journey. The guidance by Daan and Wendy was profound in its simplicity. They are the embodiment of vibrancy in abundance.’ – Gabrielle


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For our multi-day programs we make a distinction between private individuals and entrepreneurs and corporate participants.

Into the heart
December 16 – 19 2024

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