Wilderness quest
11 t/m 19 oktober 2024

‘Remember who you are and take our place in the circle of life’ ~ Lion King

De uitnodiging

Je een week lang onderdompelen in de Afrikaanse wilderness, de moederschoot van de aarde, je openen voor wat het leven van je wil. In samenwerking met en onder de vlag van Foundation for natural leadership.

11 t/m 19 oktober 2024

Marataba Zuid Afrika

Voor wie
Open inschrijving, er is plaats voor 6 deelnemers

Pieter Ligthart en Daniel Mulock Houwer


‘For almost a week I was immersed in nature again. Feeling totally at ease and in harmony with my environment. Dancing with life. Touched by its beauty. Deeply rooted in presence. Available to serve what was needed. During my solo on the edge of a cliff the whole spectrum of life flowed through me. From the intimacy of the flies drinking from my tears to the vastness of the African plains. From feeling the pain we are inflicting on the earth to experiencing deep gratitude for the preciousness of life. From being fully awake to dozing of peacefully. Branches dancing before an unchanging background. Two birds singing one song. The sun and the moon. The roaring of lions appearing to be the roaring of my stomach. There in the womb of Africa my life offered itself back to life. Grace closed the circle and set me free. And as our guide pointed out wisely, this is only the beginning.’

With gratitude Daniel, November 2015, Marataba, South Africa

Wilderness quest
11 t/m 19 oktober 2024

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