Awakened leadership

‘The meaning of life is to find your gift.
The purpose of life is to give it away’ ~ Pablo Picasso

awaken your true potential

Our consciousness determines everything. How we view the world, how we experience life, what drives us, how we behave, it all changes as our consciousness expands. A broader consciousness makes it easier to be yourself, maintain balance and see more clearly what is asked of you. Living and leading from a broader consciousness is an ongoing process. Sometimes, in order to integrate new behavior and develop your own practice and attitude to life, it is desirable to create a longer arc and walk up together for a little longer. We offer two specific options for this. The Awakened leadership map gives you an impression of the framework within which we work.

Awakened Leadership journey

The Awakened Leadership Journey was specially created to support people who want to live, lead and contribute from a broader consciousness. In five modules, spread over eight months, you and a maximum of eight fellow travelers will go on an inner journey of discovery, aimed at awakening your true potential. Participating in the Awakened Leadership Journey is an excellent opportunity to consciously give your life direction in line with who you really are.

Starts annually in September / October

Awakened leadership circles

We offer people who have longer been committed to their awareness process the opportunity to recharge and calibrate, twice a year in a 24-hour circle with a group of 6 to 8 like-minded people. We work with what presents itself. A fruitful opportunity to take your process further. Together we create a deepening container that supports our ongoing awakening process.

The first ongoing group, Awakened Leadership Circle I, started in 2022 and is entering its third year with five leaders from business and one from healthcare. A second group of lightworkers is forming, each contributing in their own way to an awakening world. Expected start date: September 2024. Participation in Awakened Leadership Circles is by invitation. Please contact us if you would like to qualify for this.

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