‘Truth is not something outside to be discovered, it’s something inside to be realised’  ~ Osho

back to your core

Immersing yourself in awareness for several days, together with like-minded people in a wonderful place in nature, proves time and time again, also for ourselves, to be nourishing and fruitful. It is a nice and effective way to boost your in-depth development. The programs have a retreat-like character but are more than that. They are powerful catalysts for your development, each with its own emphasis.

Since the founding of Realize Us, we have been offering immersions around the shortest and longest day of the year. Connecting energetically to the rhythm of the seasons strengthens the transformative effect of these programs. Participation is ideal for people who want to return to their true nature and live from there. Experience has shown that it is also suitable as a treat to yourself once every few years.

‘At some point in someone’s development the realization grows that it is not about perfection, but about becoming whole. Often the beginning of a fruitful, more inner orientation with infinite potential.’


into the light
June 10 - 14 2024

Taking your place in the circle of life. Living from within. For people who feel called to make that movement. For those who want to discover what life wants from them. A process of (self) initiation in nature to unlock and shape your full potential, in a beautiful venue on the Utrechtse Heuvelrug.


into the heart
December 16 - 19 2024

Realizing your true nature. In the dark days before Christmas, we invite you to retreat with us and turn inward. Stillness. Immerse yourself in your true nature. Regenerate. Meeting yourself in depth. Exploring. A program for those who feel called to deepen contact with their true nature, in order to serve with more focus and effectiveness.


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